Esotic fruit

Fruit and Vegetable Wholesaler and Retailer in Naples

Fruits are the healthiest and most natural food to consume. 
To ensure you get proper nutrition for your well-being, turn to the experience of Gesar Fruits in Scisciano, in the province of Naples.

Our Products

At Scisciano we choose  our fruits and vegetables very carefully, to ensure they are fresh and especially when choosing fruits, we pick them up after drying treatment, which increases their sugar and preservation time, making it even better. We don't just offer apples and pears, but also exotic fruits like mangoes,
Papaya, coconut, pineapple, avocado and more.
Primo piano vista di un arancio su l'albero e un camion carico di cassette di frutta


We provide packaging and delivery of fruit and vegetables for large scale distribution & wholesale to supermarkets, abroad as well as nationally.
All the fruit and vegetables offered by us are subjected to strict quality controls.

Latest News

One of our specialties is that we constantly reinvent ourselves by providing new, unusual fruits and vegetables for people who like to discover new tastes.
Turn to Gesar Fruits in Scisciano for fresh produce in unique colors, flavors and scents!
To place an order, call us on 081 8441699 now!
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